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Go Green


50 Rescue Method - click for more details

Benefits of Planting Trees - click for more details

  • "We the Peoples: United for the Global Environment"
  • "Our Earth, Our Future, Just Save It!"
  • "Only One Earth, Care and Share"
  • "One Earth One Family"
  • "Water: Vital Resource for Life"
  • "For Life on Earth - Save Our Seas"
  • "Every day is Earth Day"
  • "Keep your Mother Earth Clean and Green"
  • "Save energy to Save Our Earth"
  • "Use renewable Energy"
  • "We never know the worth of water till the well is dry"
  • "Save Water to Save Our Earth"
  • "Think Green & Live green"
  • "Think... before you print"
  • "Don't Litter, it makes the world bitter!"
  • "You can't change the past but you can change the future, always remember to recycle"
  • "Recycle today for a better tomorrow"
  • "Never refuse to reuse"
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