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About Youth Hostel

  • During an excursion in 1909, one night on 26th Aug, a terrible storm ranged with thunder and lightening. While his young wards were fitfully asleep in the school premises, Richard lay awake pensively toying at the idea of utilizing the school building during holidays. It flashed to him that empty schoolrooms were waiting to be turned into dormitories and dining rooms. That fateful night marked the birth of the youth hostel movement. Thus the first Youth Hostel was opened in 1912 in Altena, Germany.
  • The international Youth Hostel Federation was inaugurated in 1932 as an outcome of the First International Youth Hostel Conference held at Amsterdam. At Present there are about 6000 Youth Hostels in more than 72 countries covering all continents. The Indian chapter of the Youth Hostel Schemes came into existence in 1949 at Mysore.
  • The Government of India took upon the responsibility to build Youth Hostel at different parts of the country and including the Youth Hostel Schemes in the five year plans. There are more than 76 Youth Hostel in India Now. The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India is the Administrative Ministry of the Youth Hostels.
  • Youth Hostel is just 3km away from the Railway station/ Bus stand.
  • All the tourist locations at Pondicherry with in 10kms.
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