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Welcome to Youth Hostel Pondicherry

Youth Hostel is Home Away from Home and is based on the principle of community accommodation and a place of forming friendship, recreation informal education, International understanding and Integration. Youth Hostels maintain an international profile and ambience and at the same time, reflect the culture ethics and flavor of the region where it is located.

Now, we are glad to state that, the accommodation and the surrounding of the hostel upgraded as you all know our Youth Hostel located in the touch distance of the Bay of Bengal.

We like the place so much. It is comfortable. The staff are very helpful and hospitality is good.
Mr. Nehu, Mathematics Dept. Shillong, Megalaya- dated 20.01/2015

Everything was perfect.
Shri. Malvika Shetty, Mumbai – 02/01/2015

Perfect management. Excellant Hospitality given by the Management and staff.
Dr. Babu, Asst, Proffesor, Karnataka -dated 09/03/2015

Good Hostel. Keep it up.
Shri. Gisha Tresa Benny, Chennai – dated 23/08/2015

Good staff. Service of canteen and all are cooperative and appreciable and great experience.
Shri. A. Mohan Kumar, PrincipalHasmart Hospital & Education Insyitute, bangalore – dated 11/08.2015

This atmosphere is most suitable for seminaor class. Gardening very good. House keeping very nice
Shri. G. Suresh Kumar, Pondicherry - 22/03/ 2015-09-22

The place was nice and we had a really nice time staying. The faculty and staff was kind and helpful. Will surely consider this place to stay if we return. Great place Pondicherry and this Youth Hostel. Thanks a lot.
Shri. Khyati Panwar, Cluster Inovation Centre, University of Delh - dated18/12/2014

It had been a wonderful experience and pleasant stay. All the staff and mebers are very cooperative. The arrangement was good. Over all we had a comfortable stay at the youth Hostel. Looking forward to visit soon.
Shri. Aditi Srivatsav, DNS,DIET, Bhopal -dated 06/11/2014

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